CenterSite, LLC Web Site Designs

As you saw on my resume, I have been working with CenterSite since December 2010. In that time I have assisted clients in building well over 30 website. Within the CenterSite system is a template, built by a seperate design firm, I am able to manipulate the template using CSS as well as the built-in PHP & Javascript programming. You can see an example of one of our sites by going to on both the desktop and mobile phone. Note: These website are always a work in progress and may look a little different from the images below. 

beacon screenshot

Another website that I have worked on is

beacon2 screenshot


Recently we have begun setting up a new responsive template. Unlike the above template which was based on a table construct the new template is based on divs and HTML5. This template is a work in progress but an example can be seen at: